Tamara’s story

Tamara Nolan

A member of the Hei Whakapiki Mauri whānau has started her own aromatherapy business. 

Tamara Nolan’s all-natural range includes products to help people relax, plus dishwasher and laundry tablets which make life easier for those who live with a disability or have busy lives. 

Tamara created her micro business, Pure Delight, last year, with the business development support of Hei Whakapiki Mauri Whānau Ora Navigator Waikura Tau-McGregor

Waikura first met Tamara after she missed out on funding from Workbridge for her business, but encouraged Tamara with her idea, worked alongside her to get Pure Delight up-and-running, and is so proud of how far she’s come. 

“Tamara has been using her own money to develop, market and sell her product with the support of her carers and parents. She has also managed, with the support of her carer, to negotiate having some of her product sold in a florist shop,” Waikura says. 

“I’m constantly looking for opportunities to promote and market Tamara’s business, as well as trying to secure funding to help Tamara become self-managing and sustainable,” she says. 

Waikura is currently working on a job description for a support worker as an addition to Tamara’s proposal for funding. “Once the job description is completed, I will submit her application for funding with Workbridge for business start-up,” Waikura says. 

Tamara says she’s hoping the funding from Workbridge comes through as she’s keen to create more products and develop her business further.

She says the support she receives from Hei Whakapiki Mauri has been great. Tamara has brought her products along to a couple of whānau hui, selling them out of a car boot, and she loves the positive feedback she receives about her products. “It’s pretty cool,” she says. 


In one of the photos Tamara is celebrating her birthday at a Matariki hui we had where she first displayed product. 

Another photo attached is Hei Whakapiki Mauri’s whānau day out at the beach where she had her business in the car boot! Mobile of course! 


Products are all natural for those with allergies 

Products can be posted, with postage starting at $5